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Although we are primarily a miniature railway club, our members have other interests and hobbies away from the club. Some are interested in smaller gauge railways, model boats, land vehicles (see here) and there is also interest in planes by a couple of members as well.

Please scroll down to see some of the miniature railway engineering that has been seen recently and those that have not been seen for a while. Please click on a picture to find out more.

Seen very recently (within the last 30 days)

Metropolitan No 8

A scale reproduction of the Metropolitan line electric loco.


Chris's Class 20

Chris is rightly very proud of his "driving the right way" loco.


Class 23 "Baby Deltic"

This unusual 7 1/4 inch gauge Baby Deltic locomotive splits into two.


Jenny Tram & Robin Loco

An LNER C70 that operated on the Wisbeach & Upwell Tramway.


Metropolitan tank locomotive

A full article from concept to a working model.


0-4-0 Trojan

Dave's 0-4-0 Trojan loco with a saddle tank body.


Alice is now "Tino"

Seen her after gaining her steam certificate.



A 5" Hercules shunter with custom chassis



Several of our members are sharing the work load to run this loco.








Gained steam or hydraulic certification


Gaining steam & hydraulic certificates "1135"


Waiting certification, to return to running.






Seen recently (not within the last 30 days)


Richard & his steam loco testing some new coal.

"1938 tube stock"

Roger and his three car 1938 Northern line stock.


7 1/4 inch model of Northumbrian class 0-2-2 locomotive.


Not so seen recently

Evening Star

3 1/2 inch gauge Evening Star naked with tender in primer.


LNER Class B1

This 3 1/2 inch loco of the LNER Chamois


LNER Class J68 Tank Loco

This O gauge Loco has been built from a brass & nickel silver kit.


Rolling Stock

A collection of wagons, coaches and other rolling stock.


Kokomaiko gaining her steam & hydraulic certificates

Manx Tram

This model of this Manx Tram was made within 2 months.