Canvey Railway and Model Engineering Club.


This was originally unnamed & unpainted but cared for by several club members.

As you can see now, at the beginning of October 2023, she has now been painted and has a pin stripe and been given the name of "LES" by our now dearly departed member Dave S.

Below, given a steam and running test today 21st June2023.

As you can see a good boiler fire


Movement was limited to within the station area as trains are unable to complete a full circuit at this time.


Honest the loco is in steam the cameraman tried to capture it. Its coming out of the red union in the left picture and the round thing (safety valve) behind the pressure gauge (centre of picture).

As you can see Driver Dave is taking "no-name" for a spin on 28-06-2023

Having passed her steam test in July, "Les" as this engine is affectionately now known, has had several run out days on a Wednesday making her worthy of having some paint and then pulling passengers. The story will continue here.