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N gauge overhead

An oval twin track layout to prove a concept of overhead power in 1991



Bala Pond

Dave's started circling the pond while not scaring the fish's & missing the wife's flower beds.


Huntsman RC boat

An internal combustion engine, radio controlled Fairey Huntsman.



Tram in a spin

This 00 gauge layout was built but no pictures where taken before !



Dav-id's Halt

A '00' gauge layout of a fictional town on the borders of Wales and England.



Andy's Gauge One

Around and round the garden like a ? umm the wife's loco maybe.



Andy's N Gauge

This N gauge is spread across roughly a half of the loft missing the chimney.



RC Yacht

Scratch built sailing boat (no power), fully remote controlled.



Loyal Moderator

A Fleet Tender of the Royal Navy, Being rebuilt after an accident.



Melling Coors Thunderbird

Steve's scale replica of an American oval circuit race car.



Serangoon Gardens

This, "in construction" multi oval on multiple boards with auto signaling.



Hobbist woodworker

Here, Alan shows off his woodworking skill after giving up using a lathe.



Miniature lathe and Stuart S10

A member milled, filed, polished these wonderful machines


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Members other interests