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Class 20

5 inch gauge Class 20


Chris is rightly proud of his Class 20 locomotive that drives the "The right way round".

The full sized loco's where designed to be driven "bonnet" first but where often seen in pairs joined together at the front or "nose" and when on their own where also seen coupled to the train at the front or "nose".

This was done primarliy due to the poor design of the cab and the difficult driving position caused by poor sight lines along the side of the locomotive.

The last built class 20, number 20 227, has been used extensively on the London Underground network. In the mid-2000s it was painted in Metropolitan maroon livery and named " Sir John Betjeman " by the Class 20 Locomotive Society as acknowledgement of this work.

It was repainted in a special 'modern taste' LUL (London Underground Limited) - based livery.

To mark the London Underground 150 celebrations but has now been repainted, again into Metropolitan maroon, but this time lined, and renamed "Sherlock Holmes" in 2017.

The " Sir John Betjeman " name is now carried by 20 142, which also sports Metropolitan line maroon livery.

Seen here on April 14th 2024 double heading with a Class 35 "Hymek"

More picture can be found here


Class 20