Canvey Railway and Model Engineering Club.

Class B1

LNER "Chamois"

Chamois is from the Springbok group of locomotives. The full sized one is in fact classified as a B1 class locomotive.
Seen here after gaining a steam worthiness certificate July 2023.
Chamios is a wonderful looking engine but being a 3 1/2inch gauge loco she unfortunately does not have the weight to power ratio to haul a pair of normal public ride on carriage's. Can be seen here (above) hauling a single ride on carriage.
If there was anymore than a single person on board the passenger coach, Chamios would struggle pulling it along. Here being followed by a bodiless class 31 electrically driven loco also being tested today.


Seen here with owner (driving) and his good lady wife (passenger) as a friend looks on.


Class B1