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1938 Tube Train

The London Underground 1938 Stock

The stock was used on the London Underground until 1988. During their long lives they worked on the Bakerloo, Northern, Piccadilly, East London, Central and Northern City and lines. Ten sets were refurbished and ran on the Isle Of wight as Class 483, making them the oldest passenger rolling stock operating timetabled services on the National Rail network at the time of their withdrawal in January 2021.

A total of 1,121 cars were built by Metro-Cammell and Birmingham RC&W. An additional 173 cars were added to the fleet by the end of 1953, comprising 91 new builds (the 1949 tube stock), 76 conversions from pre 1938 tube stock or 1935 tube stock, and six unconverted cars of 1935 Tube Stock.

The trains represented a major technical advance, as all the electrical equipment was located under the floor for the first time. All previous tube stock had large equipment compartments behind the driving cabs in motor cars, which reduced the space available for passengers by about a third.

At the moment the tube train is not show off because it does not have the power to haul more than one person. Roger is looking it to upgrading the motors and coach to coach linkages and frames to be able to haul more than one person.

1938 Tube Train