Canvey Railway and Model Engineering Club.

Other projects & happenings

Below are some happenings and other projects that would not fit in an estate car, that's why they are called other projects, that we are undertaking or have undertaken; click on the link for more information on a particular project.

3D Printing

The first foray in 3D printing


New points & junction

Two new facing points to make a junction on our 7 1/4 track.


QR Codes

Our intorduction in Quick Response codes


The thaw of 2011

There was snow overwhere but this is our story of that thaw.


Building bridge over dyke

Photo's of the construction and installation of our 7 1/4 bridge.


New trees of 2014

The local community and our selves planted some new trees.


New signaling panel

The new Signaling system is based on NX style of operation.


Our big tree 2022

It sad that our big tree is now deceased, it is no more.


Bus for London competition

Mayor of London New Route Master bus competition.


Thames Estuary Airport

An alternative to the proposed Thames Estuary Airport.


The rejuvenation of the bridge

A well over due service and repaint of the bridge.


Replacement fence

After Covid19 we replaced a lot of the old wooden fencing.


The leaking pipe

It took a while for the hole in the ground to stop leaking


Bridge over rising water.

The water in the dyke just keeps rising and arising and arising.


Water water everywhere

The duck pond & our own version of Aussie V8 super boats.


Signal Erection

Watch as our double arm signal gets erected.




Our water pipe

John's fixed our dysfunctional train stand pipe.



Other projects & happenings