Canvey Railway and Model Engineering Club.

3D printing

This is one type of 3D printer

This one just happens to be John's 3D printing machine

(Before you carry on reading, please be aware that these pictures where NOT taken by a professional, just a guy with a phone)

John came in one day last year (2023) and said he had bought himself an early Christmas present. We all look on in amazement at this new fangled contraption.

After much discussion John was asked what he could do with it? The answer was "Nearly anything that fits on an area no larger than 8x8 inches".

John said he would revamp our fence line information boards.

The new and improved signage can be seen below.

What we used to have and it served us well
But now is the time of change here are 2 of the 3 signs which have been built
The first of the new signs in its place along side the roadside fencing
They might be nearly the same
But the boys are getting ingenuous with
their ideas for the signage
The letters for signs are individually printed then with an industrial glue are glued onto the backing plate then hung on the backing board
It does exactly what it says on the tin. Points out where not to dig.
This is the cap for the top of the post that sign are mounted to. It is also 3D printed
Here is the first design for the train at the bottom of the sign. Dave decided to try a 2 colour print from a single colour machine. He reckons with a little more practice he will get it right

As much as the 2 colour print was loved by everyone it was decided that the sign should have a single colour and this is the newest version of that idea.



On three different occasions between 2014 and 2018 with the help of an Arboriculturist, a funding grant and lots of muscle from our members. We planted hundreds of tree's around the site which many of survive to this day. This is a 3D printed replacement plaque to commemorate that event.

Whilst John was busy with the signs he was asked could he make a QR code sign, or a model railway wagon, the ideas where endless. There where also lots of questions. The QR codes where slightly more difficult so Dave helped out with his slicer program to get the right depth so the QR code could be read by a hand held device when it was painted or printed in two colours.

Here are 3D prints that are going to be used around our home

The sign that was on the bric-à-brac table at Christmas

The finished version of our website QR code. John says that he can do better for a public displayed one

ALl, well it says it all doesn't it


Below is a sample of the QR codes that he has produced so far.

To announce (something)

Our Facebook page

"Off to our website"

Another version of, "off to our website"

It is a different 3D print "honest"

To announce (something different)

Our diary of events (yes it looks like facebook)

Whilst John was busy with the signs and QR codes s he made model railway a 00 railway, sign for our cake and bric-à-brac table at Christmas. There has obviously been other items made but as of today, they have not been photographed

Below is a sample of the things that he has produced so far.


These are test pieces are already pre programmed in the machine

Dave's been busy again. If you look closely at these two pieces (left and right) there is a subtle difference between the top and the bottom. He used a rainbow filament. Which means it changes colour as the printer uses the filament.

Dave has also been busy making LED covers for the new signal box control board. Different shapes to denote different sectopns and tasks.



3D printing