Canvey Railway and Model Engineering Club.

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computer generated qr codes

In late 2023 it was decided to try to bring the club into the 21st century. It was agreed that a simple but fun way to keep the public informed of us at "Canvey Miniature Railway" would be QR codes and having our own Facebook page (more here). It was decided that the QR codes should be kept for use within the Railway and Facebook for everything else.

So here are our first baby steps into QR codes.

These codes have been include here as we hopefully will be making them into 3D printed items soon(ish).


The QR code for our face book page in a printed format to the left , and in a 3D format to the right We are hoping that the public like it as much as we do. The 3D boys are hoping to do this in two colours instead of painting it (one day soonish).

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The dangers of a railway
Arriving by car

Once we get to grips with basic QR codes it is our intention to do google maps, diary dates, events, coupons and much more (once we get to grips with it).

Quick Response codes