Canvey Railway and Model Engineering Club.

It's NOT even a paddling pool!


These pictures below where taken in August of 2022
Nobody knew that this old Iron pipe was here, its not on any underground maps, nowhere to be found. Its now repaired and lined. So if you continue to scroll down the page you could say that this is the start of our love and hate affair with water.


Secondly the rain that fell and FROZE in January & February 2023 looked quite pretty but don't be fooled it had quite an impact around our railway.
Some frost
Quite a bit more
Loads of frost
It's started to thaw
Its thawed
Not even the inner track bed was immune from the excess water because of the thaw.



Thirdly when they came to fix a little leak, suddenly we had major flooding which thankfully has now been sorted.

The hole filling up




The hole being emptied


When the leak grows.



Water goes everywhere


Looks like a roller coaster



Where the water spreads too


The earth from the hole



Only looks a tiny hole


Its still a big hole when you look in




Now it's filled in & fixed

Thanks to the lovely men in hard hats. THIS hole is now filled.


It's NOT swiming water!