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Royal Navy Fleet Tender

What follows is a representation of the modellers fleet tender, as his one got involved in a hand tsunami and ended up getting very broken. Pictures to follow at the bottom if it is ever repairable.

The Loyal Class fleet tenders were designed by the Royal Navy and built in 1974-1976 by R. Dunston at Thorne. They are very similar to the 29 vessels of the Cartmel (Type A, B & X)Class. These vessels have had a varied and active career within the Royal Navy.

Scale 1:24 Beam 280mm Length 1015mm

The model is based on Loyal Moderator as she was in August 1980. Photographs taken at that time of Loyal Mediator and Loyal Helper show them to be almost identical to Loyal Moderator. It is fair to assume that the other vessels of the Loyal Class, at that time, were not too dissimilar.

Now to the sorry truth of the matter, a broken boat.

As previously stated this model has taken quite a bashing and is in need of a dry dock for repairs.


Royal Navy Fleet Tender