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Every precaution is taken to ensure your safety whilst you visit our home and ride on the trains, but it is imperative that the rules are obeyed, as no one wants any injuries. So when asked to do something, its very important that you do as you are asked. That would include, adults and teenagers STEPPING OVER the carriage before sitting down, HOLDING TIGHT to smaller children and cuddly toys, DO NOT standing up on the running boards at anytime, NO leaning out to get that selfie (you can always ask at the station staff or any volunteer to have your picture taken), Always try to sit still & DON'T rock side to side and NO wandering around within our site.

Please be aware that any train can get jerky at times (electric power most of the time gives smooth pulling away, where steam can be a bit more jerky and petrol hydraulic can easily be the worst). Please bear this in mind when riding with younger children. We recommend that NO under 7's ride behind a petrol hydraulic loco.

No logo's or images have been used knowingly that they are copyrighted nor is it our intention to impeach on any copyright with the work contained on this site. We are sorry if we have done so. Any offending items will be removed as soon possible after you have let us know by e-mail.

We make NO claim that any of the coding contained on this site has been invented by our webmaster as it has been free from online sources,, BUT we do lay claim to having built 100% of the web site, there are many original HTML pages many of which have been altered with this free coding. If you feel that your coding has been used inappropriately, please let us know on what page you think the infringement is and I will remove it from the page concerned.

Finally, as you should be aware this is a tourist attraction and by its nature photographs and video are taken. We encourage people to do this and send us what they have taken. If you feel that any image found on this web site of you or your family has been used inappropriately please let us know as quickly as possible and preferably by e-mail (on the contacts page), on what page it is on, your reasons why it needs deleting and we will endeavour to remove said item as soon as we possibly can.

Thank you