Canvey Railway and Model Engineering Club.

Hobbyist woodworker

As I could no long turn metalwork as I had moved, so I turned to wood.

These two potpourri/dried lavender containers are (in French) called pomme d'ambre or in English they are Pomanders.

They both have lids made of Yew and ebony and the body, stem and base is made from ash. The designs are basically the same. They differer slightly in height and also have different designs on the bowl and base.

The one on the left has a hollow stem made by drilling out the center, inserting a rod into the hole and then carving the design on to the stem. Once done you extract the rod, clean up any rough edges then varnish, stain or in my case I ebonised it.

The one on the right has a solid stem.

Made in Ash, I just faniced having a go at making a small chair and this is the result It stands tall at just under 12inchs.

This multicolored block in the first picture is made from compressed and glued old five pound notes. This is how it arrived after I made a request to have one. You can see and feel the metal seccurity strip that was in them.

I fancied doing something different so I decided on a pen as it was about the right size. It was turned and polished on a lathe with care as it was easy to catch the meatal strip.

Having made the money pen I wanted a partner for it so the set each other off in my top pocket. The above pen is made from Laurel wood, it is a hardwood and has a characteristic camphor smell the repels moths and other insects making it perfect for the top pocket.

Started to make a this spinning wheel but unforchantley my eyesight has started to fail and i am not able to complete it. The wheel spokes have been ebonised and it was completely round when I had finished making it.

Hobbyist woodworker