Canvey Railway and Model Engineering Club.

A multi oval layout in N

This representation is the control panel of the actual layout.

Each of the sidings on the right hand side all have individual controlled route setting. The turntable on the left is in fact on the outside of the model. if it had been draw with it in the right place it would have made the above depiction a lot smaller.

Its actual size is 2.575m x 1.525m. It's controlled by 7 DC controllers for 7 different zones or 4 DDC & 3 DC controllers for the same 7 different zones.

There are also several (five in fact) transformers for lights, buildings, platforms, signals, signal control & led's for the control panel.

There are 5 signal zones for each of the 5 outer tracks (the above 5 diagrams). Signals are controlled by the passage of trains.

The two turntable's and associated tracks are controlled by one controller via a changeover switch to change from one to the other.

The above little area is a diesel fueling area controlled by its own controller and signals.

The base boards are now finished, its just a case of gettings one's finger out and doing the next stage, buying some multi way cable and fitting plugs and sockets.


A multi oval layout in N