Canvey Railway and Model Engineering Club.

00 Tram in a spin


This layout over three boards of which there where no pictures taken was built and broken before it was ever named.

The middle section was finished and work on the tram return board was started when the right central leg collapsed on the central section having split the right rear leg support letting the board crash to the floor destroying 5 and a bit months of work.

(Centre board where the town was)

It couldn't be repaired as it had fallen on a corner making the board out of true and it couldn't be forced back into shape with out making things significantly worse. It wasn't just the wood spliting, it was all the filling and some filler between and beside the rails that had also been damaged.

(Tram return board with industrial area and part seafront on leading edge)

Many kits where also damaged beyond repair. So it was then decided to scrap it and started again, unfortunately covid struck and the two builders could not collaborate.

(The storage yard plus more housing and industries on the board that never got started.)

00 Tram in a spin