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The Canvey Railway and Model Engineering Club has been in existence from the nineteen-seventies. In that time we have never seen so much damage and destruction done to our site and buildings as has occurred within the last eighteen months. This destructive vandalism has been very disheartening for our members, who have put their time and effort into making the club a pleasant place for our members and the general public. We would sincerely like to thank all the local community for their support and everyone for their generous financial donations.


Your donations have gone towards repairing the following items:

       Repairing the damage to the main clubhouse roof aftermany tiles were taken off and smashed.

       Repairing damage to the raised track station roof and canopy; this structure had been so severely damaged it was in danger of collapse.

       Repairing damage from attempted break-ins.

       Repairing damage to external electrical installations.

       Repairing damage to, and/or replacing the many fencing panels that are required to enable us to operate safely.

       Removing graffiti and repainting the buildings.

All of the above work applies to just the raised track area only.


Not wishing to degrade our website with pictures of the damage we have included one picture that has been taken after much work has been undertaken to repair some of the damage to the raised track station.



We still have the ground level track to repair.  

This damage mainly involves the external fencing that keeps the public from walking onto the track.  As this is a Health and Safety issue we are unable to open the railway until repairs have been undertaken. In order to improve our vulnerability we are replacing, at great cost, the wooden fencing with metal fencing.

It is hoped that we will have a working railway for the general public to ride on by the start of 2022.



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