Canvey Railway and Model Engineering Club. (CRAMEC)

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CRAMEC - Model Engineering - Friday nights meetings


Canvey Island Model Engineering Club.

2023 Member's Friday Night Calendar

All meetings start at 8pm unless stated otherwise


Friday  3rd February Decoding and cracking the second world war Enigma machine
Friday 17th February Do not believe what you see. Our Photoshop and video expert gives another one of his talks
Friday  3rd March Introduction to stained glass.
Friday 17th March Alternative hobbies night. Booked in so far; History of the steam iron. Dolls houses. Historic firearms and ammunition.
Friday  7th April  
Friday 21st April  
Friday  5th May  
Friday 19th May  
Friday 2nd June  
Friday 16th June  
Friday  7th July  
Friday 21st July  
Friday  4th August  
Friday 18th August  
Friday 1st September