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CRAMEC - Canvey Railway - Public Rides


Canvey Railway - Public Rides


We open once again to the public from the 2nd April 2023. We are then open every Sunday until the 8th October 2023. 10:30 am until 3:45pm. The last train leaves at 3:45pm prompt. 

The railway operates subject to weather permitting. 

In exceptional circumstances, the club reserves the right to close the railway without notice.  



Single ride: Both children and adults £1.00 

Multi ride ticket: Six rides for £5.00

Multi ride ticket: Twelve rides £9.00

The Multi ride ticket's, do not have to be used completely on the day of purchase. The tickets will be clipped for the appropriate number of rides and any rides left over can be used at another time or date. 



2023 Public Calendar


2nd April 2023

Start of public running.


9th April 2023

EASTER BUNNY HUNT SPECIALS: Count the number of Bunny Rabbits you see as you travel on our train, and enter the number with your name and a contact telephone number on the slip provided. Everyone who counts the correct number of rabbits is entered for a prize draw. 


August 2022 (Date to be confirmed)

MAYOR’S CHARITY DAY: All of our takings for the day are sent to the mayor of Castle Point Council to donate to a charity of his or her choosing. The Mayor (usually wearing his/her regalia) normally spends an hour at the railway club. 


 8th October 2022 End of public running for 2023