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Arriving By Car



Arriving by car could not be easier; going north from Canvey the A130 intersects the A13, the A127 and the A12. All of which are fast ways of getting around Essex. The A13 travelling east from the A130 to Southend is slow and often congested and should be avoided if possible.
The B1014 From Canvey to the A13 is easy to navigate and rarely has congestion. The B1006 should be avoided as this route can add up to twenty minutes to your journey. There are no routes south of Canvey Island unless you fancy a swim in the Thames!

Coming onto Canvey Island The A130 and B1014 merge for the waterside farm roundabout. Take the B1014 going east and turn right into the waterside farm leisure Centre car park. The parking conditions in this car park as of 2022 are the car park is free for a maximum of three hours.  

Points to be aware of when driving in the area. There are average speed cameras along the A130: The B1014 from the waterside farm roundabout to the leisure centre entrance is only three lanes wide. There is only one lane travelling east to west and somebody in their wisdom has placed a bus stop seventy metres from the roundabout. Cars coming off the roundabout at 40mph are often faced with an impatient idiot on the wrong side of the road overtaking a bus at the bus stop