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The Canvey Railway ground level 7 1/4"G Signalling - systems.


The date of writing this article is February 2018; and we were hoping to start the new website with detailed updates on our new signalling system. It was intended to install the new system alongside the old version during the running season of 2018, and at the end of 2018 to totally replace the old system. Unfortunately, things haven't gone according to plan for in October 2017, just as the running season finished, the signal box was broken into and severe damage caused. Had this break in occurred during the running season we would not have been able to remain open to the public. Fortunately, we had four weeks to make temporary repairs to the system to enable us to run our Santa Specials. 

Although the majority of the signalling system appeared undamaged, we had to bear in mind that we are carrying the public and our signalling engineer was not prepared to sign off the system for the 2018 running season. This left us with only one option which was to totally dismantle all of the electronics and infrastructure within the signal box that are safety critical. As of February 2018 there is nothing in the signal box, as all the equipment is at our engineer’s home, with each panel and piece of equipment being individually verified for its correct operation. In the signal box itself all the cabling is being checked and damaged cables replaced. The housing for all this equipment which had been damaged is also being replaced. And if all that work sounds bad enough, also consider the replacement of the signal box roof which was the first attempted point of entry, the damage to the window shuttering when it was jacked up, and, finally, the replacement of the signal box door which was the method of entry once it had been smashed to smithereens. We are supposed to open to the public on the 1st April 2018, but we may be forced into the situation of running one train only, on the outer track with all the points bolted into position. All of our club members are concentrating their efforts to get the signal box back up and running for the 1st April. 

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