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Some of the more interesting talks we had at the club in 2018


Visiting speaker. Signal box lever frame operation on the main line.

A fascinating insight into the operation and construction of a lever frame operated signal box.


Club speaker: Second word war atomic bomb theory.

Our resident explosives expert talks about how to construct an atomic bomb based on Second World War theory.

The different bomb designs, and methods of detonation; atomic theory; and a little on modern-day atomic bombs.

The talk did comply with the official secrets act.


Visiting speaker: Illustrated talk on building a steam engine for a river launch.


Club speaker: Crofton Beam Engines.

A talk on Crofton Beam Engine's operation and construction; plus the history from the inception of the canal system to present-day.


Club speaker: Mamod night.

The history of the Mamod engines and their construction.


Our resident explosives expert gave another one of his fascinating talks.

Understand the difference between explode and burns rapidly; The chemical composition that makes different chemicals react and explode.

And follow the development of explosives through the years.


Electronic navigation night; Systems new and old explained.

Our electronics expert explained the many navigation systems that have been used over the years.


An Introduction to computer, where we learnt how to put your own computer together.

Our computer expert explained the different parts of a computer and the history and development of each part.



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